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Choosing a Wedding Theme

Before you start planning anything else for your wedding, the absolute first thing you should choose is your wedding theme! It sets the mood for your entire event and should be a reflection of your personalities as a couple, just like your 100% customized and everlasting floral arrangements from Rosemary's Garden Florals. Check out the tips in this guide to choose the perfect wedding theme of your dreams!

Before you even choose your venue, be sure you have a solid vision of your wedding theme. Whimsical? Beachy? Boho? Once you have a theme in mind, the rest will fall into place!

Check out some of the most popular wedding themes below.


Rustic weddings have a relaxed, down-to-earth feel. There may be lots of handmade elements from local artisans and natural materials like wood accents and preserved greenery. Furniture is usually made of wood and may feature unique grain patterns.


Are you hoping to say your vows by the sea? Think about incorporating bright, vibrant colors in your Beachy wedding. Tropical favorites like hibiscus, plumeria, and palm are popular floral choices. Beachy weddings typically include white or ivory colored decor and may incorporate seashells and sand.


For lovers of old-fashioned decor, a Vintage theme is perfect. Vintage weddings typically feature antique elements, such as vintage books in place of escort cards. Family heirlooms like old photographs of family members or heirloom jewelry may be incorporated. The overall feel of a Vintage wedding is elegant and nostalgic.


Are you dreaming of dancing the night away in cowgirl boots? A Country theme may be for you! Country weddings are full of rural charm and are usually held at an outdoor venue or barn. Boots, Mason jars, burlap and twine are common decor options.


For a fun and unique couple, the Whimsical wedding is a perfect choice! Inspiration is taken from gardens and tea parties to create a fun, vibrant atmosphere. Florals are usually provided in abundance. Fairy tale elements such as decorated tea cups may be used, and the overall feel is lighthearted and romantic.


One of the trendiest new wedding styles, Bohemian weddings are a fabulous choice for earthy and natural vibes. Natural wood, succulents, and pampas grass are extremely popular. Color schemes typically include beige and burnt orange, and the goal is to foster a free-spirited and unique atmosphere.


If none of the typical themes are resonating with you, a Seasonal wedding may be your style. Seasonal weddings are popular with outdoor venues to showcase the season. For spring weddings, pastel colors and an abundance of flowers create a lush garden-inspired atmosphere. Summer weddings typically include more bright colors and tropical vibes. Autumn weddings are perfect for natural landscapes with fall colors and harvest-themed decor. Lastly, Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to showcase a snowy venue with neutral colors, pine greenery, and a warm and cozy reception environment.

I hope this information is useful for you as your begin selecting your wedding theme! Remember, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your wedding should be a reflection of you as a couple. What are your favorite things to do together? Favorite seasons? Favorite colors? Favorite travel destinations? Reflecting on what you both enjoy together is a great first step to choosing a wedding theme that reflects you both.

Happy planning!

Rosemary Sammons


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