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Post-Wedding Floral Display

Congratulations! You've done it: rings are exchanged, cake is cut, and the last dance is done. Now that the party is over (and after the honeymoon of course), you have an important but fun decision to make: what to do with your wood or real-touch florals! Perishable flowers will wither away and die within only a few days, but because you chose Rosemary's Garden Florals, you now have gorgeous blooms that will provide a lifetime of memories from your perfect day. Check out the tips below for getting the most out of your wedding florals as home decor, gifts, and even how to recoup some wedding costs!


Bouquets are the most popular keepsake florals from the wedding day. Of course you want to keep your own bridal bouquet looking as pristine as it did while you walked down the aisle! Many brides choose to display their bouquets inside china display cabinets, on tabletops, or on shelves. The best way to keep your bouquet standing upright is by using a supportive base. Regular flower vases that have narrow lids about the diameter of your bouquet handle do a great job. If you would like your stems to be displayed as well, try a doll stand! These adjustable metal stands are available from online stores such as these available on Amazon and will allow you to easily display your bouquet. Just slide the handle through the round holder at the top, then rest the bottom of the stems on the round base. The holder can be slid up and down to accommodate any length of handle.

Boutonnières and Corsages

Photo credit: Mason Jar Photography

Boutonnières and corsages are the most versatile pieces to display! They can be left loose on a shelf, desk or tabletop, or transformed into a keepsake fridge magnet by attaching a small magnet to the back. For an extra special display, try acrylic frames like those from independent artisan Perlplex! These frames come in small sizes perfect for boutonnieres and corsages. Each frame opens like a drawer, includes a photo slot, and can be placed on a flat surface or displayed on a wall using the keyhole in the back. Explore Perlplex here

Arch Arrangements

At first glance, arch arrangements may seem like a single-purpose item. However, they are surprisingly reusable and make the most luxurious home decor! Arch arrangements look gorgeous when simply placed upon a fireplace mantel or large shelf, or you can hang your arch arrangement on a wall. Some of our favorite places for wall display are above the door in an entryway, above the bed in the master suite, and above the television in the living room.


While it's common for centerpieces to be given away to guests after the wedding is over, that's considering that perishable flowers will not last very long. Recipients may enjoy them for a few days, but will eventually be left with only an empty vase. However, because you chose Rosemary's Garden Florals everlasting centerpieces, you may choose to give away your centerpieces as a much more meaningful gift of appreciation to those who helped your wedding become a reality! Centerpieces make excellent gifts of appreciation to family members, friends, and coordinators who worked behind the scenes and deserve special acknowledgement. Of course, you may keep one or two for yourself as gorgeous mantel and table decor in your home!

I hope you find these suggestions helpful! Remember, if you still have extra florals after you have decorated your home and given your gifts, you can always resell your florals to a bride in need. Rosemary's Garden Florals everlasting arrangements are extremely durable and can be shipped easily by wrapping in bubble wrap and placing in a cardboard box. The only long-term care they require is occasional dusting, which can be done with a can of compressed air: usually found in the electronics section of a department store, or online of course! This way, your flowers can stay dry and looking marvelous for a lifetime.

Happy planning!

Rosemary Sammons


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