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wedding portfolio


rebecca + connor

Tuxedo Park, New York

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the bouquet

the focal point of your wedding floral suite


the reception

dance your special night away in elegance


melissa +  jonathan

Palmetto Riverside Bed & Breakfast, Florida



extras to honor your most distinguished guests



your one-of-a-kind dreams brought to life

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kasey + josh

The Homestead, Illinois

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the ceremony

transform your ceremony area into a lush garden


Wood flowers from Rosemary's Garden Florals are handcrafted from all-natural renewable wood from the Shola plant, a flowering aquatic. The Shola plant grows to be about six feet tall when mature, and the wood from the Shola plant is one of the lightest woods in the world. Since your florals will be handcrafted from this special material, no two blooms are exactly the same: your wedding arrangements will be exceptionally unique.

Your wood flowers will be hand-painted any color you wish using dip dye, paintbrush, or airbrush with incredible attention to detail. Once your arrangements are finished, they will last a lifetime as long as they are kept in the proper conditions.

To care for your wood creations, keep them indoors except for excursions. Never store them in airtight containers or expose them to moisture. As long as these simple guidelines are followed, you will enjoy your wood florals for a lifetime.

Real-touch florals are the most realistic alternative to perishable flowers and are made to last forever. Real-touch florals are weatherproof, so they may be used for outdoor decor, unlike our wood flowers. Our real-touch flowers are made from high-quality latex, polyurethane, or foam materials. We source all our real-touch flowers from companies located here in the United States. 

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