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choose custom florals that
will last for a lifetime

Any style, any color, any time of year.

Rosemary's Garden Florals everlasting arrangements are the perfect gifts for loved ones and decor for your own home that will last for years to come. Our flowers are all handmade from the highest quality wood materials by family-owned companies in the United States. Our founder Rosemary individually hand-paints each flower herself, using your custom color selections and style requests. Absolutely anything is possible: metallic colors, exotic flower styles, specific patterns (galaxy roses or animal print, anyone?) and even custom additions like shells, brooches, and glitter. Once your florals have been expertly created, you will have the chance to approve your florals before they are securely shipped to you within the United States or set aside for your local pickup at our founder's home in Winter Haven, Florida. 

For our home and gift orders, we recommend either choosing a pre-made arrangement from our collection or choosing from our favorite styles of centerpieces: Mason Jar centerpieces and Compote centerpieces. We also offer show-stopping 100-stem bouquets that are fully customizable for your preference. You can build your own custom arrangement by clicking the button below, choosing the type of centerpiece or bouquet you would like, picking colors from our color chart, and selecting flower styles from our database of over 160 styles. If you would like to order creations that are not listed in our online store, such as a holiday staircase garland or arrangement to fit a vase you already own, please use our Bespoke Request Form available on the Bespoke page of the website. Once your order has been placed, a member of our team will reach out to confirm your order. You are welcome to email us at any time: contact@rosemarysgardenflorals.com

Build one of our fully customized centerpieces by choosing from over 160 flower styles and colors from our color chart! All arrangements are hand-made to order.

WOW your loved one with this show-stopping bouquet to last for a lifetime! All arrangements are hand-made to order.

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Wood florals from Rosemary's Garden Florals are handcrafted from all-natural renewable wood from the Shola plant, a flowering aquatic. The Shola plant grows to be about six feet tall when mature, and the wood from the Shola plant is one of the lightest woods in the world. Since your florals will be handcrafted from this special material, no two flowers are exactly the same: your wedding florals will be exceptionally unique.

Your wood florals will be hand-painted any color you wish using dip dye, paintbrush, or airbrush with incredible attention to detail. Once your arrangements are finished, they will last a lifetime as long as they are kept in the proper conditions.

To care for your wood florals, keep them indoors except for excursions. Never store wood florals in airtight containers or expose them to moisture. As long as these simple guidelines are followed, you will enjoy your everlasting florals for a lifetime.

Click the button below to explore flower styles available from our favorite wholesale supplier, Oh You're Lovely! You may request these specific flower styles by name when you place your order.

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our creation process

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Utilize our online catalog to select your desired floral creations. Please include detailed notes in the provided areas to specify design preferences. You will be given the option to pay in full or use PayPal Later interest-free financing. You will also be given the option of delivery to a venue in Florida (only events), shipping within the United States, or local pickup. After placing an order and submitting payment, a member of our team will contact you to confirm.



Once your order is received, a member of our team will review your flower and color requests to build a portfolio of concept photos for your approval, including specific flower styles and greenery. Additional details may be confirmed including measurements. Please use this opportunity to make changes to your design before supplies are ordered. After you have provided approval of the photos in the floral design portfolio, your florist will begin ordering supplies.



One months before your desired completion date, your florist will begin production on your order. Photos will be provided at the conclusion of the production process for your approval: flowers painted with the colors you chose, arrangement of greenery, recommended color of vase, etc. You may request additional changes during this time, but please understand that accommodating your requests may cause a delay in production.



Your florals will finish production approximately two weeks before your desired completion date. Once florals are packaged, shipping costs will be calculated and an invoice will be sent. Once this invoice is paid within five days of receipt, your florals will be shipped to your provided address. If venue delivery (only events) or local pickup is selected during initial checkout, your florist will coordinate. All packages will include complimentary tracking numbers.

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